Aug 10, 2009

sedna sketches

Sketches for the main character in a possible comic I'd like to create based on an Inuit myth about Sedna. I did the illustration on the bottom a while ago and never finished it. The sketches on the top are brand-spanking new.

I was also recently inspired after reading the lovely Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics, and a comic I picked up while in Ireland a few years ago called An Tain - which tells of the epic tale from Ireland. I also took a look at my friend's ZvR - featuring amazing artwork by Mr. Ashley Wood! And I loooove the art in Hellboy and An Tain (which is colored using watercolor - beautiful) and it made me want to create a graphic novel telling Sedna's story.


  1. Girl you never ever stop amazing me with your talent!!!! YOU are just AMAZINGLY TALENTED!! I just love to look at your sketches. Your style is off the chain made crazy cool. Okay I know it's a mouthful, but then again these illustrations require a mouthful hee he he hee! Excellent!!!

  2. I LOVE this Sedna illustration. Beautiful work!