Oct 21, 2009


My green and blue plaid yo-yo necklace has been featured in Country Living Magazine!!!  It is in the November issue article called "Mad About Plaid."  It's kinda strange opening up a magazine and seeing something that you've made... right there. In a magazine.  So now I'm selling a whole bunch of yo-yo necklaces and spending my days creating new ones.  If you're interested, check out my Etsy store

Oct 16, 2009

new work for Caggio show

New work alongside The She-Bear (below) for my show at Caggio.  Some of the work I'm not entirely happy with but working on these definitely got me back into the swing of traditional media! Hurray for watercolor!!!  From top to bottom:  Meeting the Black Dog, White Fox Wedding, Sedna, The Nightingale, and The Golden Stag.