Apr 26, 2009

collage time!

A friend and I took a mixed media collage class at Kenosha's Lemon Street Gallery. It was really fun and it was a great opportunity for me to start working with traditional media again - woohoo!! So we had to do these two exercises and then a third bigger collage of basically whatever we wanted, but I didn't have enough time to get much done so it will be posted when it's finished. And yeah, they're pretty random. I really want to start doing more work with traditional media as opposed to everything being digital.

Apr 20, 2009

old stuff i found while cleaning!!

I told myself this blog was only for posting NEW stuff but I found these and had to share. Wowzers this stuff seems so old! In reality it's only been 3 - 4 years but I haven't seem them in so long I forgot I had them! It's also interesting to see them now because I can definitely see all the problems with them (color, anatomy, media application....). I still really like the hands though even if I can see the proportion issues :) I'm gonna keep cleaning and see if I can find more!

francis the taxidermied t-rex

I made this poor guy as if he had been hunted and then mounted on someone's wall... Made out of sculpey then hardened in the oven, added pebbley skin texture, painted and mounted. The nameplate is etched copper. I love him - he's so cute! My favorite part is his short little arms :) I have some more to post - a pirate platypus named Raul, a shiny glittery unicorn named Charlie, and a rather normal looking kudu, don't remember his name....

Apr 16, 2009

straightened hair!!

That's me - doin the happy straight hair dance!! Got my hair cut the other day - and then she straightened it!! First time I've ever had my hair straightened (it's naturally curly and I've never had the patience to straighten it myself). Holy crap it's amazing - I keep running my hands through it - and my fingers don't get all tangled up in curls and knots.... I wish I had the patience to straighten it myself but I don't so this will probably be the last time any of my friends and family see me with straight hair!!