Dec 30, 2012

the usual suspects...

The Steffen-Bublitz cats, from left to right: Wilma (chubby, adorable ball of fluff), Grendel (caveman kitty), Lando Cat-rissian (scared and/or confused at all times), and Jonesy (the silly one).

Dec 22, 2012

solstice stroll

Happy Winter Solstice! Mackerdoodle and I decided to take advantage of this lovely clear night and go for a late night stroll. It was a lovely walk despite being quite cold and a bit windy - but I was thoroughly layered up, so I was nice and toasty. :) I usually walk/jog on the roads in town since I have to drive to get to any trails - but I thought I'd give Mack's poor footsies a break, so we ventured out into a wheat field not far from my house and walked down a snowmobile trail (yes, this would generally be ill-advised, but there's not quite enough snow for anyone to be out using the trails yet).

Dec 17, 2012

wee painting!

This is from way back when - I'd say maybe around 2007? My friend Mie and I sometimes made "wee paintings." This little guy is 3x3" and I found it in with a bunch of relics from my illustration studio.
I so do miss having a studio... Just posted it for funsies - it's the only one I kept and I still love it.

forest friends

Some more of my homemade stamps!  I've been so crazy busy making gifts for Christmas that I haven't had time to do my self-portrait or any comics, so once the holidays are over I can finally get back on track!