Feb 12, 2009

flight of the conchords poster #2

While I was reading last night I had this great idea for another FotC poster! I really like how this one turned out - and aesthetically it's geared more towards the artwork that they are already working with. I didn't really want to use the images that they provide for you (you don't have to use them) - but they seem to work well enough with the illustration, sooo...... yeah. And somehow that kitty slipped in....

Feb 11, 2009

le poissons morning

So yeah. Weird. How that song came to be in my head when I woke up is beyond me! I haven't even watched The Little Mermaid in, like, 2 years. It was bizarre... So I had to do a quick comic about it - and took a cue from my friend Mie's dedication to the daily comic. I should really try and do more..

flight of the conchords poster

Flight of the Conchords poster for HBO's poster contest... Totally not something HBO would really pick but at least I can be proud of it and the fact that it's not totally lame... I like it - it's not exactly finished yet I don't think, but very close.

Feb 2, 2009


Totally random... Was doin some sketches for the fairy tale project and somehow this cute lil guy snuck in there... For IF's prompt of "flawed."