Feb 15, 2010

kitty helper

So, I turned on my computer, opened up Photoshop and sat there, forcing myself to be inspired to do something... when, wouldn't ya know, a little black and orange kitty hopped up into my lap (her favorite spot it seems whenever I'm on the computer), and made it nearly impossible for me do anything with my right arm except let it lay there as her pillow.  And she is so cuddly and cute that I can't bring myself to put her down... So inspiration hopped into my lap today.  Hurray for kitty helpers!

Feb 12, 2010


Sometimes Beatrice was tired of seeing the same old trees day after day. On the abandoned boat she found in a stand of birches, sometimes she would pretend she was adrift on Lake Superior - bravely crossing the billowing waves to new lands for exploring and new creatures for finding...

Haven't done IF in a loooong long time.  Word of the week: "adrift."