Feb 11, 2015

Star Horse

Okay, I have not posted anything in over a year, so I am far overdue for an update... I returned to school last year to start working toward my art education and art therapy licenses, so between school, work, and my personal life, I have been crazy busy.  I suppose that's no excuse though...

For one of my field classes we are doing some projects that we can save as teacher examples, so for this project we watched a video on the illustrator Eric Carle and then proceeded to create our own handmade papers.  We then had to use those papers to make a collage of anything we wanted.  I immediately knew I wanted to create an animal and, of course, I chose a horse.  In the past, I've had illustration projects in which we had to create an illustration based on a set of words, so I chose another word to join my "horse" prompt and "star" came to mind.  This made me think of the Horsehead Nebula, so that was my inspiration for this whimsical piece - all made with hand painted papers.

I have a lot more projects to post from last semester - including fun things from my metalworking class!  Cast pewter, enameled copper, and welded steel, OH MY!   I'll be posting pics very soon!