Oct 25, 2008

new stuffs

So I actually didn't fall off the face of the Earth... I've been doing more 3-d stuff lately and I no longer have a camera. So I borrowed my sis-in-laws and bummed some photos off Jackie and Brent (which I haven't posted yet). These are some stuffed animals I did - Rikki the Raccoon and his friend (and unfortunately his dinner) Cray-Cray, and Malabar the Muskox. I was just playin around seeing if they would actually work - so they're kind of like prototypes.... But I want to try and get them sold on Etsy.
I've also been working on some sculptures that will hopefully be posted soon. They're going to be dubbed "mini kills" and basically they're miniature mounts of animals molded from sculpey and baked then mounted onto wooden oval plaques with copper nameplates. So far I have a T-rex, kudu, unicorn, and platypus with an eye patch.... They aren't as detailed as I would have liked but I did them fairly quickly - I'd say about 30 min per piece sounds about right, maybe less for the platypus. And I did them all (except the platypus) without photo reference so there are some things that are a bit off. Oh well. Anyways those will be posted soon hopefully.