Jul 27, 2009

barn owl pillow

This started off as just an experiment in freehand machine embroidery, but then ended up as a pretty pillow that I really enjoy! I drew out the owl on muslin and machine stitched it using several thread colors (though the eyes and beak are hand-embroidered). Then I added two strips of pink lace and added a pink patterned fabric as the back.

Jul 12, 2009

idea for Paradigm show

New idea for my upcoming show at Paradigm Coffee & Music in October. I want to do these Victorian-type silhouettes with more of a stylized twist, and they will all be focused on elements of nature and each contain a different girl's silhouette and animal. Keep in mind this is just a loose rendering and will be more detailed. I'm thinking of making them more 3-dimensional and doing some embroidery on fabric as well as painting. We'll see how it goes....

Jul 10, 2009

in progress work for gallery show

In progress work for a final piece that will be in the gallery show. Done in watercolor and pencil. After doing all the painting I plan to go back into it with pencil to add texture. It depicts the transformation of the animals on the island from real creatures into mechanical shadows of themselves...