Dec 8, 2013

Self Portrait for December

I have not done a self-portrait in AGES, so today I did one on a whim. It's not one of my finest drawings, and I must admit, I didn't put much thought into it... But I haven't done much drawing in a very, very, long time, so this was kind of a "get off your ass and get motivated" sort of thing... I forced myself to do it... I'm going to try and do a self-portrait every month, but I'm not making any promises.

Aug 7, 2013

Princess Roxanne

Ohhhhhmygoodness it's been way too long since I've updated!! For my fiance's birthday back in April, I painted a portrait of his beautiful shepherd/rottweiler mix, Roxxy :) Watercolor with colored pencil.

Feb 14, 2013

Feb 11, 2013


Derby Shiva will very soon be having an epic clash against the Battle Hipsters of Milwaukee!!!
Stay tuned for more info!
The fantastic battle poster was designed by the amazing Jackie at Lovesick Robot Studios.

So, Derby Shiva was inspired by an actual conversation after deciding we were too poor to attend the roller derby bout:
Jackie "If only there was a way to sneak in... Perhaps dressed as derby girls... HRMMMM"
Tara "Weeee couuuld tooootally pull that off!! I gots skates!!!"
Jackie "I don't have skates, but I do have a helmet... I can ride on your shoulders, and we could be DerbyShiva!!!"


I received a gift of delicious, homemade, dark chocolate-covered strawberries! So sweet :3

Jan 31, 2013

sullen squirrel

Sullen squirrel in a suit. Drinking scotch. BOOM. Do I need more explanation? I think not. We're done here.

Jan 29, 2013

triple C morning!

Chessmasters goes waaay back to a time much simpler than this. MIAD. Fourth floor. Illustration studio. *sigh*  We had a scoreboard (which I'm sort of glad to be rid of since the score was embarrassingly one-sided) and enjoyed our Triple C mornings (that's chess, coffee, and cookies), which has now I think been officially changed to CCN mornings (chess, coffee, and nuts?). Doesn't quite roll off the tongues as nicely, but it'll do.
Sorry, Pietro, I couldn't draw you winning that first game because I was just so excited to get a win in before you drop the hammer. To everyone else: I did not actually dance on the chair. Though I probably should have...

Jan 19, 2013

I heart music!

I told you - crazy random assortment of songs. And I have to reiterate: She Wolf is an amazing song. And the video... Oh man, the video rocks. my. socks. I can't stop watching. It's gots wolfies in it! XD I'm obsessed... (And yes - I know, I know. Kesha is on this list... I reeeeally dislike Kesha. But that song has a good beat and it's soooo catchy!)

Jan 1, 2013

christmas for the kiddos!

I have a nephew and two nieces that all got some homemade presents from me this Christmas - including some hand-embroidered felt ornaments! yay! And ever since my nephew was born (almost 3 years ago), I've always taken his gifts, wrapped them in brown kraft paper, and drawn on them with sharpie and paint markers, so now I do it for all of them. Beckett is the only one who's old enough to recognize the drawings, but I still like to do it. Love those kiddos :3

Dec 30, 2012

the usual suspects...

The Steffen-Bublitz cats: Wilma, Grendel, Lando Cat-rissian, & Jonesy.