Sep 8, 2008


Phenacodus matthewi
Thylacosmilus atrox
Arctodus simus
Synthetoceras tricornatus
Deinotherium giganteum
Hyaenodon horridus

It took me a while to actually get pictures of my thesis since my camera ist kaputt. So I had another doodle session at the lovely home of Lovesick Robot creators Jackie Steffen and Brent Bublitz, and Brent was kind enough to take some wonderful pictures of my work. It took months of work to create all of these and hours of painstaking work in the printing lab. All the animals are extinct mammals - their names are above each image.

These pieces were all created using intaglio printmaking techniques. The patterns were all hand-carved onto Sintra plates and then printed onto 140 lb (if I remember correctly) Arches cold press watercolor paper. For the backgrounds, the patterned papers were then cut into various shapes and each mounted to a heavy backing board (kind of like illustration board but more rigid). Then the individual background pieces are layered to create some depth.

For the animals, I cut the body part shapes out of 300 lb cold press watercolor paper before printing them with more Sintra-carved patterns. They were then touched up with acrylic paint and assembled with brads to make their bodies movable - similar to shadow puppets. They are all articulated and fully posable and attached to the backgrounds with velcro making them removable as well.


  1. And if you arrange the bears legs properly, he looks like hes flying. Its adorable.