Aug 18, 2008

new sketchies!

Quick illustration created from sketch below...

Another productive day at Jackie & Brent's house! Thanks for keeping me motivated guys! And watermelon, coffee, and Jimmy John's always help - though not all at the same time, eww. Anyways These are some of the better sketches from the hours I spent there. Some macho sheep, a cute pupper, and Mr. Smilodon fatalis, looking very smug indeed.
It's amazing how much cleaning up has to be done on these sketches too - I have this habit of drawing on top of drawings - sometimes unconsciously... So I end up with page after page of overlapped drawings and scribbles...


  1. OMG I'm so in love with your illustrations and blog. I wish you all the very, very best in your career as an illustrator. You've got along one ahead of you. Very powerful stuff.

  2. Awesome! I absolutely adore Mr. Smilodon! Very good job! The other sketches are great, too. :)

  3. hahahahaaa!!! that Smilodon is such a smart ass.