Jul 1, 2008

how's the weather back home?

some cute lil beavers waiting out the rain... illustration for a postcard.


  1. weeee!!! You has a blog!!

    is this personal work?

  2. yup it's personal work - for all of my job hunting i still remain unemployed unfortunately....

  3. yeah... job hunting is hard... >_< All of what I've seen, I lack some skills for some of the criteria they want...

    any who. I'm glad to see you working on things! It makes me happy, and they are all so cute. Oh, and I agree with the updating website thingy. Updating website is a pain in the ass.. >_<

    ooo! I almost forgot, can you tell me how you did the banner thingy? I want to change mine but I couldn't figure out how. ; _;